Heart-felt emotions, spirituality, and undying passion all describe WENDY DANIELS’ make up! As a songwriter, artist, and actress, she began her craft at the early age of twelve, writing
"A MAN IN MY LIFE" written about her Uncle George Traylor. His influence launched her on a professional career that has made her a widely sought-after performer.

Like many present-day singers, WENDY began her career by singing southern gospel music in churches and camp meetings in and around her native state, sweet home Alabama. From the beginning, she expanded her repertoire to include traditional music as well as blues and rock and roll. Her cross section of influences gives her the ability to take a song and make it her own.

While attending college on a voice scholarship, she performed in many theater productions. This proved to be a launching pad for many professional tour lead-acting roles such as Honky-Tonk Angels, where she played Angela, and A Streetcar Named Desire, where she played Stella. Also, she was awarded the part as Trudy in Steel Magnolias and Lizzie in the Rainmaker. She has proved to be an accomplished actor.

Wendy has done extensive television work as an anchor personality for TV 69 in Atlanta, Georgia, and commercials for the likes of Burger King and Wendy's!
As fate would have it, Wendy teamed up with producer and musician, Bret Short. Their collaboration coupled with many hours of writing, arranging, and production would unleash her first solo effort.

Wendy's freshman album, "ON THE RIGHT TRACK", has been a labor of love. The musicians and songs were derived from a careful selection process. The original release had to be scaled down since she has nearly a hundred songs to her credit. "My songs are my babies", she said, “and you can't give birth to them all at once”!

I am sure that by listening to this album, you will run the gambit of emotion--joy, sadness, and compassion--as it draws from many lessons in the life of WENDY DANIELS! She will prove to be a forerunner in roots music!!!

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