Reggae Music For The World

Watusi Picture
“Intoxicating, tropical, lulls you into a frenzy that makes you want to dance!” 	
	Dallas New Music 97

“Wonderful music, great vocals, unique style.”		 		
	King Sunny Ade( Top African Musician)

“Love your music...powerful, eclectic and electric.”	 	 	 
	Don Carlos, Lead Singer/- Black Uhuru

“Ya Mon!, Like your style!”					      	
	Ziggy Marley

“Dallas’ Reggae hometown Heroes.”				     	
	 Texas Beat Magazine

“I dig your sounds. Irie, mon!”					    	  
	Tom Cruise

“Refreshing, uplifting...the real thing, mon!”			    	  
	Ben Vereen

“The best Reggae and World Beat! I’m ready to dance!”		     	 
	Marilyn McCoo

“The Island” LP is a great first effort!! The music is great!”	    		  
	James Keene/Jamekee Records

“ This is a hot, hot band with universal appeal and a big future.”	    	 
	Buford Jones, Producer

“Best Reggae Band in north or south of the Red River.”		    	 
	University of Oklahoma

“Keep up the vibes!”					     	     	
	Ras Records

“Dallas PREMIER Reggae band for many years.”		   	  	 
	Ima Uwagbi/KNON Radio, Dallas

“Beautiful people, beautiful music.”			    		  
	Richard Oshinnga/Royal Rack Reggae 

“This World Beat is THE music of the 90’s.”			   	
	Peter Gabriel

“Our favorite band.”							  
	Dallas Sidekicks Pro Soccer Team

“Love your sound...first singer I’ve heard that sounds like Bob Marley.”   	 
	Karen Denard/PBS Radio

“ Best Band we’ve EVER booked in 17 years of operation!”	      	 
	Rush Creek Yacht Club

“Great music!!!”					         			 
	Tyra Banks, International Supermodel

“ Dallas’ own Reggae stars!”						
	Buddy Magazine

“ Riddem happy paella of Caribbean-Latin-African influences” 		
	Dallas Observer

“A joyful band that’s whole existence is to spread the message of One Love”	
	Dallas Observer

“Bubblin rush of feel-good, one-world music”-				
	Scott Jones

“The hottest, tropical Reggae/World Beat band in Texas...intoxicating” 
	Border’s Books & Music

“Fresh, positive, eclectic, new vibes” 					
	Rastamon TImes

“Best Reggae band in Texas” 						
	Summerwinds Festival

“Dynamic, soulful, celebration of life & rhythm”				

“ One of the premier Reggae bands in America”				

“ Energetic & Danceable set by WATUSI”					
	Teacher & Mr. T - Reggae DJ’s

“ Cool Runner a well varied album”					
	Teacher & Mr. T

“No single American band represents World Beat music more completely than WATUSI...a boiling pot of incredible, international dance music.”						- Cool Runnings Magazine

“ Dallas’ premier Reggae bands”						
	Funky Times Magazine

“ A band with a conscience”						
	The Sparks Agency

“ Dallas BEST Reggae”							
	Buddy Magazine