Having grown up in the '70s, Troy often found AM radio a source of inspiration and refuge. While the typical youth in the '70s would spend the day playing tag football, it would not be an uncommon thing to find him in his brother's tape collection.

Coming up being exposed to music of every genera played a crucial role in Troy's musical development. As for his instrument of choice, the guitar would undoubtedly top the list. In retrospect, Troy reveals his influences. "I can remember wanting to play guitar ever since I was old enough to turn on the radio. But upon hearing The Brothers Johnson album, Right On Time, "I was hooked for sure."

After the death of his father in '81, Troy managed to buy an electric guitar and thus started his penchant for making music. After several attempts to assemble a group came to no fruition, he decided it was best to compose, produce and arrange his own material.

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