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Tropical Denny’s life can be found interwoven in the melody and lyric of his music.

After picking up a guitar when he was 14, it became the center of Denny’s life from then on. He wrote his first song four years later and has been a prolific writer ever since.

Austin became his home in 1980 where he started playing solo gigs. By 1987 Denny and Skeet Anglin, a legend in his own right, had formed an acoustic duo. To this day, great songs from this enduring friendship continue to be written and performed.

By 1991 Denny was asked to join the Bad Rodeo Band, but after a couple of years he returned to solo acoustic performances. This is what makes Tropical Denny happy and being happy is what Tropical Denny is all about. He enjoys living and writing music on a houseboat somewhere near Austin, Texas.

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