Tania Cordobés



Tania plays original jazz/pop with spanish and english lyrics, as well as traditional Cuban song forms. Tania brings warmth and sensitivity to her recordings as well as to the stage, delivering her message in Spanish and English. She is backed up by top area players including Bryan Clark (guitar).

An accomplished pianist, Tania began formal piano lessons at the age of six and continued on to obtain a bachelor's and master's degree in music & music therapy. She has studied music in Cuba. She studied voice under Sonia McCormick of the Escuela Nacional de Musica and Leonel Aleaga of Adelberto y su Son. While in Cuba, Tania performed with a salsa ensemble led by Pupi Pedroso of Los Van Van and a Charanga ensemble led by Andres Alen. Her voice has been used in area jingles in Spanish and English. She appears on local Spanish TV shows (De Todo Un Poco and Variadisimo). A first generation American, Tania credits her "abuelita" for teaching her the joy of singing and for passing down many songs from the Cuban tradition. She is currently a vocal and piano student of Carmen Torres (sister of famous composer/arranger Aida Diestro of Cuba). In July 1997, Tania founded the "Cultural Knowledge Through The Arts Workshop and Artist Exchange" bringing 5 musicians and dancers from La Habana, Cuba to Texas.

Tania has completed two full length recordings on her own label and two singles. She is seeking a major label to promote her work. Active in her local music scene, they were made in response to local audience requests for her music. Her first recording, Looking Back, Thinking Ahead, is a collection of original acoustic music in English. The songs are stylistically eclectic with a focus on poignant lyrics. Tania's second recording is titled Surf Salsa and is a collection of songs in both Spanish and English. Her first single "El Mandador" is now available.

Recently, Tania's songs (Ponderosa Pines, Olas En Mis Ojos, El Mandador and Que Lindo) have been picking up National airplay on such stations as: KIDI 105.5 FM in Santa Maria, CA; KUGR AM./FM in Green River Wyoming; KEXT FM Albuquerque; KRVA FM Dallas; KXCI FM Tucson as well as on College Radio.

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