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Secrets Under The Bridge

  • "SECRETS UNDER THE BRIDGE is the facinating title of a marvelous autobiography by Overton Shelmire -- a highly humerous account of life with big-brother Bedford."
    Wilson Crook, Park Cities People

  • "THE STORY PUTS A SMILE ON MY FACE, even as I read it for the third time!"
    Liz Walker, Dallas, Texas

  • "THE BOOK'S APPEAL TRANSCENDS THE COMIC. Dallas landmarks and historical references tell readers about the 'old Dallas' of prior generations."
    Tina Danze, Dallas Life Magazine

  • "MR. SHELMIRE'S VERY FIRST MEMORY instantly intrigues the reader...a wonderful foreshadowing of what's ahead in the rest of the book."
    Adrienne Ciletti, Park Cities News

  • "WONDERFUL BOOK...the kind of story-telling that captures the wondrous experiences and memories of life, and give heritage to a family."
    Steven Hill, NBC Productions

  • "A PEEK AT THE PAST through the eyes of Overton Shelmire is like a roller-coaster ride -- full of thrills and bumps."
    Diane Galloway, Dallas Morning News

  • "THIS BOOK IS REAL! The writing and choice of scenes reaches into each of us and touches that universal soul."
    Lucille Enix, Dallas, Texas

  • "IT MADE ME REMEMBER THINGS ABOUT MY OWN CHILDHOOD that I had not thought about in years; capturing a world that, sadly no longer exists."
    Osborne Ayscue, Charlotte, N.C.

  • "A CHARMING COLLECTION OF STORIES that bring one back to another, kinder time."
    Gale Steves, Home Magazine

    Lindalyn Adams, Dallas, TX