Real AudioA message from Overton Shelmire
Secrets Under The Bridge

A PEEK AT THE PAST through the eyes of Overton Shelmire in his autobiography is like a roller-coaster ride - full of thrills and bumps:
  • What did the child psychiatrist say when he discovered the drinking problem of Overton's seven-year-old big brother, Bedford?
  • How did Bedford persuade Overton to jump out a second-story window to test his new parachute?
  • Why did the boys' father raise rats, poison ivy plants, and alligators in their backyard?
  • Why did the saleslady from Bestform Foundations come to fit Miss O. Shelmire for a brassiere?
  • How did the boys get trapped aboard an ocean liner cruising in the backyard of a mysterious doctor?
All is told in this entertaining family saga of love, friendship, and adventure in Dallas during the 1930's and 40's. Like childhood, its most memorable moments combine elements of innocence and humor, fear, sexual awakening, and understanding of injustice.

This "modern-day Tom Sawyer" will appeal to parents and grandparents, mature people who can relate to that era, and a younger generation who face the same issues in their lives.

SECRETS UNDER THE BRIDGE will reach into each reader and touch that universal soul.