R & S Music RHYTHM AND STYLE MUSIC songwriter/artist Michael is the featured artist on these albums and created all of the music. "I like to write pop music, the format to write a song in 3 minutes is a lot of fun and a big challenge. I enjoy the freedom to write the kind of music that will touch your hearts as well as your minds."

Rhythm and Style has 2 CDs called 9 Songs From Jupiters Edge, made in 1995-96 and The Sands Of Time, made in 1996-97. The music is pop, blues, R&B adult contemporary, some country and all crossover.

Rhythm and Style has 2 songs from the 9 Songs From Jupiters Edge album on the compilation CD from Narciscus Records called Set Me Free. It is #34 on the top 40 Independent A/C POP List and getting steady air play as of November 1997. The other is on the Americord Label as a songwriter called "When I found out" to be released in 1998.

Last year Michael was nominated for "The most promising artist of the year" by the Entertainer Indi-Association of the magazine Entertainer Network for the song called "Last Chance".

Nirvhana is a lyricist, singer featured on the Sands Of Time CD. She is a TV commercial actress for Nivea Skincare products, R.W. Linch Co. and the movie The Night Always Wins, an Indie film released in 1997.

Look for the upcoming CD called Lighthouse Pop'in Blues, a collection of 10 rock and blues songs. All music in available on cassette as well as CD. The Pop jazz listening album called 16 Songs From The Far Side Of The Galaxy is on cassette only.