Leona Banks Malach studied Fine Art at the "Hermitage" in Norfolk, Virginia. She also attended "Traphagen" in New York, NY, for the study of Fashion and Design. Leona's work has been exhibited at the Texas Art Museum and Art Galleries in Beaumont, TX, as well as the American Artistry Art Gallery, Dutch Art Gallery, Texas Fine Art Association, and World Trade Center and Apparel Mart, all in Dallas, TX. Leona will present twenty original paintings in a one-artist show to be held at the "La Cima Club" on top of the Williams Building at Las Colinas in Irving, TX.

Selections are on display at:
Henry Jackalope
6731 Snider Plaza
Dallas, Texas 75205 - 1353

The artwork displayed on this page includes Abstracts and Expressionism in Oil and Acrylic.

Inquiries for purchase:
Call 800-939-3946
or Email mammoth@summitartists.com
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"Midnight Skyline"

"Design Abstract"

"Beach Umbrellas"

"Oil Derrick"

"Broken Glass"

"Oreintal Character"

"Oriental Character"

"Island Scene"

Infinity "5"

"Hand in Hand"

The Fountain"

"Ice Sculpture"

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Leona Banks Malach
c/o Mammoth Artists, Inc.
10711 Preston Rd., Suite 101
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Phone: 800-939-3946