Fourth and Long

"Kent Waldrep's steadfast determination to win on the athletic field as well as the gridiron of life has proven an inspiration to all of those who are fortunate enough to know this young man. In spite of overwhelming odds against him, Kent has overcome major obstacles in government and the medical community in his search for a cure for paralysis, not only for himself, but for millions of others as well. In his work for the National council on Disability under presidents Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, Kent helped fabricate the ADA, an act which opened unprecedented doorways for disabled Americans. Fourth and Long is about a remarkable American, a winner in every sense of the word."
Tom Landry

"You have served your country with honor and loyalty throughout your tenure on the National Council on Disability, particularly in your successful efforts to develop the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can take great pride in the knowledge that you have helped to increase opportunities for millions of Americans with disabilities to make their mark on the world."
President Bill Clinton

"Kent is a true humanitarian. His involvement to discover a cure for spinal cord injuries will live on as his legacy to mankind."
Steve Palermo, former American League umpire

"I have worked with Kent Waldrep since his early days of founding the American Paralysis Foundation and now in building this very fine effort targeted at finding a cure for paralysis. As a member of the Science Advisory Council, it is a privilege to work with the very best scientific minds in implementing a research plan that will accelerate the timetable for a cure."
Wise Young Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Neurosurgery, Physiology, and Biophysics,Director of Neurosurgery Laboratory, New York University Medical Center