“The Pulse of the Industry”
Label Identity Program
This program allows you to concentrate on music instead of business. Imagine a true independent label run by the members that support it. This is our vision of a talent pool uniting together to support one another’s common goals. Creating a power house of unsigned talent under one roof!

We’ll supply the address, telephone number, and administrative support. You supply the product, instructions, and monthly membership dues.

You’ll benefit in several ways:

  • You’ll have more time for your craft.
  • Your costs will be less, since they are shared by your fellow peers.
  • No office or payroll overhead.
  • Your costs are now business expenses and are now tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor for information.
  • Network information with your fellow label peers. Hold weekly or monthly board meetings to discuss business concerns and ideas. Help one another to grow.
  • Our “scouting” program rewards you for each new talent you sign to our team! Imagine getting to release your product or promoting it free! The more scouting you do, the stronger your label, and the more resources become available for your use.

Prices for the above are based on each individuals particular project. Please call for further information.

To join the roster, please contact us at: