“The Pulse of the Industry”
Thanks for taking a moment to “Audition” our Company.

First, of all we want to congratulate you on taking one of the most important steps in your career! You've shown that you are not willing to sit on the bench of life, and that you're willing to step up to the plate and take your swings. We will show you how to hit the ball powerfully and consistently!

Our mission is to provide you with the very best advice and information, in your music career. We realize that not everyone can afford to see an attorney, especially for just basic advice. We have kept this in mind, with regards to our commitment.

We are committed to your growth artistically, and the development of the music scene overall. Our strong sense of purpose, motivation, and ethics, is the foundation for this company. Those who we align ourselves with, must have these same high levels of standards. Our network of contacts and experience, will help you get your career on the right track! We are here to advise you, challenge you, and learn from you.

We can help you establish a label, or publishing company, for your music. Or if you are a songwriter, we’ll help you file your membership with ASCAP or BMI as well as SGA. Maybe you need some support services, like press kits, cassette copies, or setting up a band hotline! We also have a media relations program, for exposing your talents to the public. These packages are designed so that you have complete control of your careers. However, with complete control comes much responsibility. For those who just want to concentrate on the creative side, then maybe our label identity program is for you. With these programs, “we handle the business” while you handle the creation. It’s like leasing a label's administration and marketing department. The difference is you call the shots.


So lets get the show on the road. It’s showtime . . . and the crowds are just waiting!!!