The Genesis Hypothesis
By Douglas B. Scarborough
Eakin Press, Austin, TX

The Genesis Hypothesis is a non-fiction book which reveals hidden secrets in the Biblical book of Genesis. It shows the proposed ancient location of the Garden of Eden around 9,500 BC. It explains where and why the Biblical Flood of Noah occurred and how Noah knew he must build an Ark to survive. It shows how God may have shown him the flood schedule seven days in advance through lunar positions. It reveals that specific Ark grounding dates stated in the bible are actually intervals exactly equal to low tide cycles caused by lunar motions. And it exposes that the Ark dimensions are a code pointing to three cities in Southern Iraq founded by a survivor of the Ark's voyage.

The Genesis Hypothesis shows clearly that there was a hidden code in the genealogy dates of Genesis. A code which creates a cyclical mathematical curve based on the Biblical Ancient's age-at-death to age-at-fatherhood ratios. This cycle has a period of approximately 1,300 years. It is very strong evidence of a biochemical cause for long life spans such as Methuselah. "Or" it is a precise, mathematical coding of Biblical data made intentionally by the Bible's authors-and is an important message from ancient times. The cycle information is the discovery of The Genesis Curve - a subject of passionate biochemical and theological debate. The major Ancient Biblical personalities, from Adam through Joseph, all have age data that fall on the rhythmical pattern of this newly revealed curve.

The biochemical cause of the Genesis Curve is traced to oxidative chemicals created by short wavelength ultraviolet light on rain clouds, snow and glacier ice. Chemicals which found their way into drinking water in isolated glacier fed river valleys. Some highland valleys of this system still exist. These are the locations where people with relatively long life span are still living. Here, there may be people who are still receiving trace amount of life-span-lengthening chemicals and they may have received much more in past history. The Genesis Hypothesis reveals that the Spring of Lourdes contains these chemicals and their source probably comes from the Pyrenees Mountains-high above Lourdes in Southwestern France.

The old mystery of God's promise of no more world floods evidenced by the rainbows in the sky is resolved. The disclosure premise is that in ancient times, by God or by nature or both, incoming light through unique high altitude clouds was polarized. It caused Pre Flood rainbows to be invisible. This is why rainbows at one point in history were recognized as "new" phenomena. The Genesis Hypothesis shows how anyone with a pair of polaroid sunglasses can easily demonstrate the effect of invisible rainbows. The Genesis Hypothesis projects a 1,328 year ancient cycle of increasing and decreasing ultraviolet light-forward in time from Biblical Adam to the present day. It is the Genesis Curve Cycle. In 2,000 AD we are on a cycle portion of increasing ultraviolet light. We have several hundred years of life left to the cycle maximum. A cycle we may never survive. The proposal is made that we have amplified a hazardous natural trend of increasing ultraviolet light by releasing ozone depleting chemicals into the environment at exactly the wrong point in history.

The book gives modern day scientific evidence in support of the historical evidence for extremely long human life spans. It discusses chemical experiments which implicate excess iron in shortening longevity, causing heart attacks, and Alzheimer disease. Hydrogen peroxide is proposed as being the ultimate cause of cell division. Properly manipulated, to inexpensively promote plant growth, hydrogen peroxide might thus solve the problem of world hunger. It's byproduct Superoxide is present in the chemical pathways of most anti-cancer drug treatments.

Preliminary hydrogen peroxide experiments in rats are reported to almost double life span. It is explained how hydrogen peroxide can be created in nature by ultraviolet light on ice. This plus certain minerals in drinking water may be a breakthrough to extreme life extension. It appears to work by slowing development or maturation in youth. Examples of monkeys and small ape development ages vs. life span are given. As a general rule, maximum life span is longer when development of youth is delayed.

On the more mystical side-the book gives a decoding of several of Nostradamuses quatrains from his book, The Prophecies. It explains how Nostradamuses occult quatrains were about the Philosophers Stone and the elixir of immortality. It details exactly where Nostradamuses pinpointed the discovery of the philosopher's stone in Biblical verses. And now his occult verses relate to the coffin of Joseph of Egypt, second only to Pharaoh and clairvoyant interpreter of the seven good and bad years. This coffin was taken out of Egypt during the Exodus of the Jews. Evidence is also presented that this coffin holds secrets of Genesis longevity. Evidence is also presented as to where in Israel-Moses may have hidden the stone documents of ancient longevity secrets.

Search sites and methods of proving the ancient longevity cycles and these extraordinary premises are given in the book. These aspects should be of academic interest to Archeologists, Geologists, Geophysicists Theologians, and Biologists. Others who can benefit from this book are Bible study groups, Ministers, the just plain curious, and the average parent who wishes to be aware of these newly rediscovered phenomena and to participate in decisions which may affect the physical mental and spiritual development of children-world wide.

Finally, this book details proposed experiments which could prove clairvoyance and possibly demonstrate interaction of the human mind with the universe at large. These experiments propose that quantum mechanical realities drive several phenomena. The idea is that we may be able to gain knowledge of our future memory banks by nerve impulses moving in "time" back to our present time to copy a memory trace obtained from the future. It is not "seeing the future" but it could be " seeing a memory of the future" which will always be a vague and inexact record. The author calls this Quantum Mechanical Viewing of our future memory banks.

The significance of the Genesis Hypothesis is that the ages given in the Bible for personalities like Adam, Methuselah, and Noah are shown, beyond any reasonable doubt, to have a precise mathematical relationship that was previously unseen or unreported by Biblical interpreters. The exact Biblical verses used are given for review by the reader.

This numerical relationship is shown to be cyclical. The cycle is interpreted to be caused by biologically active chemical concentrations changing in the environment. This leads to a hard to refute conclusion that the Biblical ages are true. If the ages are thus true and caused by biochemical circumstance as hypothesized-then they are reproducible.

Some scientists believe women outlive men because they get rid of a certain type of excess iron in the blood. This is reported to cause heart attacks and is probably responsible for some aging caused by the nicking of DNA molecules. This harmful iron can be tested for and removed by blood-letting if required.

Douglas B. Scarborough
Author of The Genesis Hypothesis