Fathers of Texas

Texas Legislature names "Fathers Of Texas" as
"The Texas State Historical Soundtrack"


K.R. Wood, composer of the critically aclaimed Fathers Of Texas
on Texanna Records

Texas Independence Day
March 2nd!

As Texans, we know that March 2nd is Texas Independence day. The declaration of independence which created a new nation, the Republic of Texas was authored and signed at Washington On The Brazos.

The Fathers Of Texas is a composition by Texas historian, songwriter andfolk lore expert. This is a compilation of songs, naration and poetry which starts by depicting the settlement of the Mexican state by Moses Austin and ends with the battle of San Jacinto, the victory in the war for independence from Mexico.

Laugh, cry, learn, be entertained, be inspired. Fathers Of Texas from Texanna Records will make you proud to be a Texan!




Fathers Of Texas

Listen to "Lone Star Dream", Red Steagall; "Fathers of Texas", Red Steagall narrated by Guich Koch; "The Old 300", Gary P. Nunn; "Come and Take It", Delbert McClinton & Rusty Wier; "The Ragtag Army", Skeet Anglin narrated by Gib Lewis; "Who Will Go With Ol'Ben Milam", Steven Fromholz

Real Audio"Fathers of Texas

Listen to "Three Men Stood Tall: Bowie, Crockett, and Travis", Tom T. Hall, C.B. Stubblefield, Guy Clark and Steven Fromholz

Real Audio"Three Men Stood Tall"

The Crockett Chronicles

Real AudioListen to the new release "I Am With My Friends"

Los Tejanos

Real Audio"Los Tejanos"

Real Audio"Ballad of Gregorio Esparza"

Camp Cookie & The
Cowcamp Review

Real Audio"Camp Cookie "

Real Audio"I'd Like to be in Texas for the Roundup in the Spring"

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A special thanks from all of the contributing musicians to K.R. Wood whose extraordinary effort and great vision brought all of us together and made this landmark musical production, Fathers of Texas, a reality.

Fathers of Texas is available on Texanna Records