Empty Walls

Empty Walls Gallery and Custom Framing has been in business since 1979 offering contemporary, traditional, abstract, aboriginal, and southwestern works of art. The gallery features original paintings on canvas and paper, signed limited editions and monoprints. Antique bookplates comprised of architectural, botanical and other historic etchings are also available.

Empty Walls prides itself in their framing expertise. They have maintained a very extensive selection of framing mouldings and have continually upheld a reputation for the finest custom framing available.

Empty Walls serves both commercial and residential customers along with the design trade.

Artists Represented:

  • Arrak
  • Alexander
  • Howard Behrens
  • J. Baughm
  • Corbelle
  • Guy Buffet
  • S. Bliss
  • René Vinson
  • B. Yukoi
  • Beryl Cook
  • He Neng
  • B. Emanuel
  • Dali
  • Tarkay
  • C. Vinson
  • Erté
  • I. Shojaei
  • J. Skibell
  • MA. Ivanof
  • Jin G,Kam
  • M. Moore
  • Kissmer
  • M. Lesser
  • David McCullough

  • "Dining Out"
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    "Reflections of Venice"

    "La Feniere"

    Untitled inspiration

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