Eddie Weldon premiered
"As I Ear It" on 100,000 watt XEG
Eddie Weldon as he appeared on the cover of "This Week In Omaha"

Eddie worked with
his announcer, Hank Snow

Jeff Jackson,
WAMI, ABC Radio,
Opp Alabama
for being the first to play the archived edition of
A Letter To Mama
and the new recitation of
The Old Man
On The Road

Christmas with Nate Bray
Jolly Jingle Bell

Jolly Jingle Bell


Eddie Weldon's
Christmas Extravaganza

courtesy of My Space

Purchase Christmas
Nate Bray

Contains 2006 version
Jolly Jingle Bell

Claire Edward Weldon sends condolences to the family of Johnny Carson. Eddie has known Johnny since he was 13 years old and is grateful for the "start" (WOW TV; The Squirrel Cage) Johnny gave him a as well as so many others...

Johnny, we will miss you!