Alice Hoskins / Sweet Alice's Unfinished Blues Band

Comin' Home To The Blues

Imagine a small club, the stage dark. Suddenly a larger than life figure comes onstage to belt out a brand of blues never heard before in the city. Bathed in the spotlight, her presence is commanding, her style is overpowering, her ability to reach the pain of the blues is amazing. She is a mother, grandmother and former military wife. Her name is Alice Hoskins, known in the clubs as Sweet Alice, and her band is the Unfinished Business Blues Band.

Since Alice and her band arrived on the scene years ago, they have preached to the faithful and converted new followers to the blues. Alice learned to sing in the choir but her songs are anything but religious. No one can wrap their voice around love gone wrong like Alice. Songs like "Slip Away," "Ain't Nobody's Business," and "Thrill Is Gone," take on new meaning when she steps up to the microphone. The listener is transported to the dingy hotel rooms where lovers meet in secret, slink away, and make clandestine plans to meet again for the always last time.

Alice and The Unfinished Blues Band made their first appearance at the Sha Ra Lounge on Reading Road in 1987. They were booked to fill in for Albert Washington. Their one weekend gig led to a five-year tenure. Since then, the band has played at the Sharonville, OH, and Florence, KY, Burbank's Restaurants. Other appearances include Tall Stacks, Riverfest, WLW Blues Festival, Lime, OH Blues Festival and the Dayton, OH Blues Festival. In 1993, Alice and the band were one of 75 groups who performed the Ohio State Fair. With a noted attendance of 900,000, she may have converted a few more to the cause.

Alice' Unfinished Business Blues Band Members

Calvin Brandon- Bassist
Stage name - Cowboy

Cowboy has been playing since 1964. His home is South Boston, Virginia

He plays bass guitar and piano.

Calvin has played with Carla Thomas, King Ford, Bottsy Collins, Jacki Moore and currently with Sweet Alice Hoskins, Unfinished Business Blues Band.




Roger Bates - Drummer

Roger is a Westwood High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) graduate and member of Marching Band 73-74, 74-75, Woodrock Band 73-74, 74-75.

He has played with Morris Gordon Ensemble and Christ memorial Church Choir.The voices of Thunder Group until 1994.

He moved to San Antonio, TX and played with various blues, funk and show bands to include Altered-Natives, Blue Nort-ior, Jimmy Specek and Toat lee Bluz band.

Roger returned to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2000 to play briefly with Kelly Red and the Hammerhead, and the Heeters.

In 2001 he joined Sweet Alices Unfinished Blues Band until present.


Gordon McNeil / Keyboardist
Stage Name/ Chico Don

Started playing professionally when he was ten (10 ) years old playing DRUMS with local bands in ANCHORAGE ALASKA.

As a teenager he was a Studio Musician for KINGS RECORDS. Later he played with JAMES BROWN, BOOTSY COLLINS, & THE SPINNERS. Also played with REGGAE bands AZ-1, DEBFLEX, FLEX CREW, and STAGALAG alone with EASTWIND, 2001 JOINED.THE SWEET ALICE'S UNFINISHED BLUES BAND until present. He says there is always a message in his music. So you can say I "EDUTAIN the PEOPLE".


Rodney Anderson - Guitarist

Current project : Guitarist/Vocalist/ with SWEET ALICE HOSKINS' UNFINISHED BUSINESS BLUES BAND.

Guitarist for the following Artist/groups - The Spinners, eddie Kendricks, David & Jimmy Ruffin, The Miracles, Cody Black, Laura Lee, Chairman of the Board, The Dramatics, Loss Generation, The Chi-Lites, Tyrone Davis, Barbara Acklin, Charles Spurling, Leroy & The Drivers, Greater Cinti. Council for Performing Arts Orchestra.

Motown Records, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Stagecoach Productions, PAC3 Recording, all of Detroit Michigan, Stax/Volt, Memphis Tenn. Brunskwick Records, Chicago ILL. QCA Studio, 5th Floor, Counterparts Studio, Lausche Recording Studios, All of Cincinnati Ohio.

New Demo CD Tittled "THINKIN" soon to be released.

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